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You can find our exclusive salon in Szombathely, at Géfin Gyula street 24. beside the Öntöde Sportcentrum.
“Come and recharge with us, feel the Royal Siam experience!”

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We founded the Royal Siam Thai Massage salon to ensure you a secure place to relax and unwind in our fast paced world. Our mission is to create a relaxing enviorment where you can release the everyday’s stress between the hand of our experts and be able to exclude the outside world and can recharge fully at least for the duration of our treadtement.
 We hope to be a secure point of your comfort and calm.

Massage therapies

Find the right massage type for yourself

Traditional Thai massage

The exceptional effectiveness of the Thai massage is enhanced by exercising and clicking the various body parts. The goal of the treatment conducted on a mattres on the floor is to ease physical and mental stiffness to achieve a flexible, loose, relaxed state.

Body scrub

Body srcub is an excellent method for the skin regeneration in winter and summer! It helps remove dead skin cells, making the skin smooth, shiny and healty. Exfoliating the skin before the massage has a refreshing effect and it enhances the absorption of the active ingredients in the oils, thus multiplying the effect of the massage!

Aroma oil Thai massage

The Thai oil massage is a special version of the traditional Thai massage. The oil massage stimulates circulation, whilst the essential oils affect the whole body as they're absorbed through the skin and inhaled through the nostrils. The treatment facilitates detoxification, strengthens the immune system, makes the skin softer and more elastic, and refreshes tired souls.

Thai foot massage

The Thai foot massage stimulates and triggers the activity of the internal organs. It creates a balance of the undisturbed functioning of blood and lymph circulation, improving physical condition and stamina. It promotes and perfects the body's immunity, detoxifying and facilitating long life.

Thai herbal massage

Thanks to the massage using steamed pouches of herbs containing more than 15 separate medicinal herbs , the heat of the steam and the oil of the herbs stimulate the circulation and activate the muscles and stiff joints. It is perfectly suitable for refreshing worn-out joints and muscles and treating pain. The herb bags we use are sourced diretly from Thailand.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage has a blessing effect by penetrating the deeper layers of muscles and surrounding tissues. This is usually done by slow but vigorous movements. Deep tissue massage is effective for dissolving and relaxing tense muscles, aiming to deepen the massage of the muscle and the connective tissue.

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We are really proud of our masseuses because of we are able to give the highest quality service for you in our salon day by day. Feel free to choose of them, we are guarantee the quality massage experience and satisfaction.


Certified Thai Masseuse


Certified Thai Masseuse


Certified Thai Masseuse


Certified Thai Masseuse


Choose from our traditional or refreshing massages

Traditional Thai massage

Aroma oil Thai massage

Deep tissue massage

Thai foot massage

  • 6.400 Ft/9.700 Ft 30/60 min

Thai herbal massage

  • 18.900 Ft/22.400 Ft 90/120 min

Body scrub

  • 19.500 Ft 90 min

Shoulder,-neck and headmassage

  • 6.500 Ft/8.700 Ft 30/45 min

Back massage

  • 6.500 Ft/10.900 Ft 30/60 min

Pregnant massage

  • 6.500 Ft/9.700 Ft 30/60 min

Couple massage (Thai) *

  • 19.700 Ft/26.500 Ft 60/90 min

Couple massage (Aroma oil) *

  • 21.900 Ft/28.800 Ft 60/90 min

4 hand massage (Thai) *

  • 19.700 Ft/26.600 Ft 60/90 min

4 hand massage (Aroma oil) *

  • 21.900 Ft/28.800 Ft 60/90 min

Aroma oil Thai massage with CBD treatment

  • 12.800 Ft/16.400 Ft 60/90 min

* For the couple massage and 4 hand massage bookings please call us on +36204006789

** About our gift vouchers and season tickets please call us by phone or inquire information in person at our salon!


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